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Mid Argyll Camera Club

Mid Argyll Camera Club

Members' photographs

Including some recent former members. Some members' images may be hidden during competition judging.

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Alison Litster
Baxter Nisbet
Campbell Litster
Caroline Woolf
Carol Small
Charlie Greenlees
Christine MacIntyre
David McGregor
Dawn Gilfellon
George Ivison
Gordon Doughty
Helen Kessell
Helen Philips
Ian Scott
James Kinloch
Jan Hrdlicka
Jean Evans
Jim Curnyn
Kathryn McGeachy
Katie Luxmore
Kim Gates
Laura Dalgarno-Platt
Margaret Thomas
Mary Gillies
Morag Hunter
Niamh Adams McGilp
Richard Hunt-Smith
Ron Bowe
Sarah Bowden-Smith
Verina Litster
Walter Ritchie
William Lawrence

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