MACC club entry for
Scottish Photographic Federation
2009 Projected Image Portfolio

submitted in May 2009

Judges points are out of 15. 32 Clubs competed, entering a total of 1145 entries, made up of 264 Slides and 881 Digital Files.
The club came 25th with 202 points (67%) for the best 20 scores. Dumfries CC won with 267 points (89%).
For digital images only we came 23rd with 108 points (72%) for our best 10 images.
Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Club entry - 6 images, no more than 2 per member
Dawn Raiders
Dawn Raiders by Charlie Greenlees
desert flight
Desert Flight by Mary Gillies
Fes Gateway
Fes Gateway by Walte Ritchie
John Walsh, Broadcaster
John Walsh, Broadcaster by Jimmy Kinloch
On the Dunes
On the Dunes by Ron Bowe
The Judges
The Judges by Gordon Doughty

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