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Mid Argyll Camera Club

Mid Argyll Camera Club

External competitions & exhibitions

Each year we make club and/or individual entries to external competitions & exhibitions, some in Scotland.

See the page of our digital photographs entered in external competitions and exhibitions.

One is the Frank Walton competition. This is for 15 digital slides entered by a club, from at least 5 different members with no more than 3 from each one. The competition is between Argyll & Bute clubs, usually Cowal, Helensburgh, Mid Argyll and Oban. See the pages of photographs that we entered.

We have entered the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Great British Cup, and the Scottish Photographic Federation's portfolio competition and projected image championship.

Individual members also submit prints and digital images to competitions and exhibitions run by other organisations, such as those under the patronage of British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE) and the FIAP, and some seek their awards and distinctions.

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