MACC club entry for
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Great British Cup -

held in January 2010

The competition was assessed as projected images by a 3 judge team Anne Greiner MPAGB, Barbie Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP and Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP. Their scores are out of 15.
58 Small Clubs competed in the Small Clubs section.Individual image scores ranged from 7 to 15. MACC came joint 41st with 111 points (62%) for our 12 images. Tamworth PC won with 147 points (82%). The lowest total was 101 (56%) - they came 52nd.
Each small club submitted 12 digital images on a CD. Subject matter was entirely open but not more than 3 Natural History images were permitted, and these were judged as pictorial images.
In the Small Clubs section, no author may have more than 4 images and there must be at least 4 authors in the total entry.
Each participating club will receive a CD in August with a selection of images from the GB Cup.
Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Be Free - Bluebell Wood
"Bluebell Wood" by Baxter Nisbet 8
Desert Flight
"Desert Flight" by Mary Gillies 10
Donkeys at the Chapel
"Donkeys at the Chapel" by Gordon Doughty 10
Don't Tell Ginger
"Don't Tell Ginger" by James Kinloch 10
Fallen Leaf
"Fallen Leaf" by James Kinloch 8
Flox and Sox
"Flox and Sox" by Lynda Syed 10
"Goose" by Anonymous 8
Kilmory Burn Mouth
"Kilmory Burn Mouth" by Gordon Doughty 11
Maia the Kitten
"Maia the Kitten" by Walter Ritchie 9
"Stairway" by Jimmy Kinloch 9
"Together" by Ian Scott 9
Wet Lips
"Wet Lips" Gordon Doughty 10

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