MACC club entry for
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Great British Cup

judged on 11/12/13 February 2011

Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Great British Cup - open subjects

Each club submitted 15 digital images for the Open Cup. No entrant may have more than 4 images and there must be at least 6 entrants.
Wigan won with 196/225 marks (81%). MACC scored 137 (61%).

Parliament Windows
"Parliament Windows" by Walter Ritchie 11
Canal Yachts
"Canal Yachts" by Walter Ritchie 10
Flying the Flag
"Flying the Flag" by Ron Bowe 10
White Flower
"White Flower" by Mary Gillies 10
Abandoned Cottage
"Abandoned Cottage" by Gordon Doughty 9
Aberdeen Breakers
"Aberdeen Breakers" by Walter Ritchie 9
"Ana" by Jimmy Kinloch 9
Autumn at Dochart
"Autumn at Dochart" by Mary Gillies 9
Banff Parish Church
"Banff Parish Church" by Jimmy Kinloch 9
"Boatman" by Jimmy Kinloch 9
"Dandelion" by Dawn Gilfellen 9
Kilmory Beach Rocks
"Kilmory Beach Rocks" Gordon Doughty 9
The Judges
"The Judges" by Gordon Doughty 9
Frost Smoke
"Frost Smoke" by Ron Bowe 8
"Duntrune" Gordon Doughty 7

Great British Cup (Nature)

Each club submitted a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 21 digital images for the Great British Cup (Nature). No entrant may have more than 3 images.
The Winning Club was decided on the aggregate of the 10 highest scoring images. Wigan & Amersham won with 128/150 marks (85%). We got 93 (62%).

Praying Mantis on Display
"Praying Mantis on Display" by Gordon Doughty 11
"Waxwing" by Walter Ritchie 10
Lions Mane
"Lions Mane" by Gordon Doughty 10
Female Bush Cricket
"Female Bush Cricket" by Gordon Doughty 9
Fly Agaric
"Fly Agaric" by Mary Gillies 9
Ginkgo Hopper
"Ginkgo Hopper" by Baxter Nisbet 9
"In Flight" by Walter Ritchie 9
Red Meadowhawk
"Red Meadowhawk" by Mary Gillies 9
"Watching" by Verina Litster 9
"Heron" by Jimmy Kinloch 8
"Mallard" by Ron Bowe 8
"Robin" by Ron Bowe 8
"Robin" by Steven McColl 8
Dragonfly Love
"Dragonfly Love" by Laura Dalgarno-Platt 7
"Golden" by Mary Gillies 7
How does this Open
"How does this Open" by Margaret Thomas 7
Night Heron
"Night Heron" by Walter Ritchie 7
"Peacock" by Ian Scott 7

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