Photos from MACC 2014/15 Final Competition
11th March 2015

The judge was Duncan McEwan (Bridge of Weir).
The photos shown below are the highest scoring in each section.
Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Advanced sections

Any subject - colour print
1st Diner by Jimmy Kinloch

2nd Iced Pool, Gordon Doughty
3rd Lean Machines, Mary Gillies
Commended Audouin Gulls, Walter Ritchie and Road to Nowhere, Carol Small
Don't leave Without Me
Any subject - monochrome print
1st Don't leave Without Me by Verina Litster

2nd Highland Cow Looks Out, Gordon Doughty
3rd Grave Thoughts, Gordon Doughty
Highly Commended In a Huff, Walter Ritchie and The Chosen One, Jimmy Kinloch
Commended Lily Heads, Jimmy Kinloch
Red Door
Any subject - digital image
Red Door by Christine MacIntrye

2nd Yellow Billed Hornbill, Carol Small
3rd Pier Beams, Alison Litster
Highly Commended Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend, Verina Litster and Proscot Rider, Mary Gillies
Commended Solo, Alison Litster

Special subject Street Photography - (no Advanced and Beginners classes)

Neighbourhood Watch
1st Neighbourhood Watch by Mary Gillies

2nd Pandemonium!, Christine MacIntrye
3rd No Miracles, Helen Bibby
Highly Commended Mr Cool, Jimmy Kinloch
and Street Photographer, Walter Ritchie
Commended Donald's Children, Jimmy Kinloch, and Camera Obscura, Walter Ritchie, and Dream , Jan Hrdlicka, and Park and Ride, Verina Litster, and Spiral Stairs, Verina Litster

Beginners' sections

Dead End
Any subject - digital image
Dead End by David MacGregor
there were no beginners entries for colour and mono prints

Loch Fyne Trophy - best photo of competition by a Junior (School age) member

Cycle Path
Any subject - digital image
Cycle Path by Katie Luxmoore
the judge didn't distinguish between the four images that Katie entered

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