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Members are sent results after each competition, then all of the year's results will be put onto this web site in March 2019.

First competition, 7 November 2018, judge Scott Murray (Argyll).
Second competition, 12 December 2018, judge Bill Baillie (Argyll).
Harmony Trophy competition, 7 February 2019, judge Neil Barlow (Cowal) "Machine Parts"
Final (annual) competition, 6 March 2019, judge ??


First competition, 15 November 2017 judge Ian Tully ARPS, CPAGB (Glasgow).
Second competition, 13 December 2017 judge Douglas Allan (Penicuik).
Harmony Trophy competition, 7 February 2018 judge Duncan McEwan Hon SPF (Bridge of Weir) "Abandoned buildings"
Final (annual) competition, 14 March 2018 judge Margaret Elliot DPAGB EFIAPr (Dumfries)


First competition, 2 November 2016 judge Alan Dykes (Ardrishaig)
Second competition, 7 December 2016 judge Sarah MacDonald (Campbeltown).
Harmony Trophy competition, 1 February 2017 judge Stephen Lipton (Glasgow) "Something Red" (1.3MB PDF file)
Final (annual) competition, 15 March 2017 judge Neil MacGregor (Kirkintilloch)


First competition,5 November 2015 judge Bobby Holden (Ardrishaig)
Second competition, 9 December 2015 judge John Lowrie Morrison, JoLoMo (Tayvallich).
Harmony Trophy competition, 3 February 2016 judge Findlay Rankin (Kilmarnock) "Flowers" (1MB PDF file)
Final (annual) competition, 16 March 2016 judge Frank Walton (Oban)

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First competition, 5 November 2014 judge Stan Miller (Carluke)
Second competition, 10 December 2014 judge Robert Fulton (Cumbernauld)
Harmony Trophy competition, 4 February 2015 judge Neil Barlow (Cowal) "Walls"
Final (annual) competition. 11 March 2015 judge Duncan McEwan (Bridge of Weir)


First competition, 13 November 2013 judge Dominic Ryan (Kintyre)
Second competition, 15 January 2014 judge Fraser Maciver (Crinan).
Final (annual) competition, 12 March 2014 Guy Phillips (Helensburgh)


First competition, 31 October 2012 judge David Fiddes (Cairndow)
Second competition, 30 January 2013 judge Alison McAlpine (Lochgilphead High School)
Final (annual) competition, 27 February 2013 judge Neil MacGregor ( Bearsden)

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First competition, 9 November 2011 judge Neil Barlow (Cowal)
Second competition, 6 February 2012 judge Scott Murray (Cairnbaan)
Final (annual) competition, 7 March 2012 judge Hunter Kennedy (Carluke)


First competition, 12 Jan 2011 judge Robert Cumming (Milngavie)
Second competition, 2 February 2011 judge Guy Phillips (Helensburgh)
Final (annual) competition, 9 March 2011 judge Keith Long (Daventry)


First competition, 9 December 2009 judge Baxter Nisbet (MACC)
Second competition, 3 February 2010 judge Duncan McEwan (Bridge of Weir)
Final (annual) competition, 23 April 2010 judge Stan Miller (Carluke)

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First competition, 5 November 2008 judge Jim Kirkpatrick (Oban)
Second competition, 11 February 2009 judge Bobby Holden (Ardrishaig)
Final (annual) competition, 18 March 2009 judge David Fiddes (Cairndow)


First competition, 31 October 2007 judge Steve Cross (Oban)
Second competition, 6 February 2008 judge Alan Cunningham (Lochgilphead)
Final (annual) competition, 12 March 2008 judge Neil Barlow (Cowal)


First competition, 1 November 2006 judge David Fiddes (Cairndow)
Second competition, 31 January 2007 judge Alex Hamilton (Lochgilphead)
Final (annual) competition, 13 March 2007 judge Alex Ohnstad (Lochgilphead)


First competition, 2 November 2005 judge Bobby Holden (Ardrishaig)
Second competition, 1 February 2006 judge Jim Kirkpatrick (Oban)
Annual competition, 8 March 2006 judge Frank Walton (Oban)

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