MACC club entry for
Frank Walton Competition - March 2014

judged on Tuesday 10th March 2014 by Robert Fulton (Cumbernauld, Paisley Colour Camera Club) in Dunoon.
Scores: Helensburgh 259, Cowal 249, Mid Argyll 240, Carradale 234, Campbeltown 229, Oban 216

Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Loch Fyne
Loch Fyne by Mary Gillies 19
Rainbow Dawn
Rainbow Dawn by Ron Bowe 18
Well Worn
Well Worn by Carol Small 18
Green Chameleon
Green Chameleon by Carol Small 17
Single Daffodil
Single Daffodil by Gordon Doughty
Jura Paps Winter Sunrise
Jura Paps Winter Sunrise by Gordon Doughty
Out of the Deep
Out of the Deep by Gordon Doughty 17
Crinan Ferry Sunset
Crinan Ferry Sunset by Walter Ritchie 16
Examining the Spawn
Examining the Spawn by Walter Ritchie
Kamikaze Fly
Kamikaze Fly
by Campbell Litster 15
Bootiful by Verina Litster
Open Air Concert
Open Air Concert Carol Small 15
Fly by Kim Gates
Hairy Biker
Hairy Biker by Verina Litster
The Leaf
The Leaf Richard Hunt-Smith 15

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