Photos from MACC 2015/16 Final Competition
16th March 2016

The judge was Frank Walton (Oban).
The photos shown below are the highest scoring in each section.
Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Advanced sections

Any subject - Colour print
Goldfinch by Jimmy Kinloch

2nd Arches, Carol Small
3rd Station Evening, Charlie Greenlees & Sleeping Babes, Verina Litster
Beautiful Eyes
Any subject - monochrome print
1st Beautiful Eyes by Verina Litster

2nd Clematis & Lavender, Gordon Doughty
3rd Portnacloiche Farm - Carsaig, Jimmy Kinloch
Red Door
Any subject - digital image
Enjoying the Aroma by Verina Litster

2nd Wrecked!, Christine MacIntyre
3rd Boat in Lussa River, Jura, Gordon Doughty

Special subject Seascapes - (no Advanced and Beginners classes)

Rock On
1st Rock On by Christine MacIntrye

2nd Still Waters in Denmark, Baxter Nisbet
3rd On the Beaten Track, Christine MacIntyre

Beginners' sections

there were no beginners entries for colour printsProud Highlander
Any subject - monochrome print
1st Proud Highlander by Alison Litster

2nd Home from Home, Carol Small

Prague Christmas
Any subject - digital image
Prague Christmas by Jim Curnyn

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