MACC entries for Frank Walton Competition, November 2007, as judged

Points scored by the judge (Sandy Cleland) are out of 20
Some images may not be visible during the final competition judging.

Rooks have feelings too
"Rooks have feelings too" by James Kinloch 19
Allison's Tulips
"Allison's Tulips" by James Kinloch 18
"Buoy, rope & chain" by Gordon Doughty 17
John Walsh - Broadcaster
"John Walsh - Broadcaster" by James Kinloch 17
"Dun a Bhuilg" by Gordon Doughty 16
Kilmory Lochan
"Kilmory Lochan" by Charles Greenlees 16
"Newcastle" by Charles Greenlees 16
Aviary Teneriffe
"Aviary Teneriffe" by Baxter Nisbet 15
Camel Herder
"Camel Herder" by Walter Ritchie 15
"Gerberer" by Baxter Nisbet 15
At rest
"At rest" by Ian Scott 14
"Carnation" by George Ivison 14
"Duart" by Gordon Doughty 14
Crinan Reflection
"Crinan Reflection" by Mary Gillies 13
Service Please
"Service Please" by Charles Greenlees 13

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