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Mid Argyll Camera Club

Mid Argyll Camera Club

Programme of events 2017/18

Meetings are on Wednesdays, and usually last from 7.00 to 9.30pm, with a refreshment break. Most are in the Community Centre, but some may be elsewhere.

We don't all actively participate every evening. But if you want to learn new skills hands-on, or hear comments on your photos (which should be helpful and constructive), the list below suggests what to bring if you can.

. . .kinds of events
.Presentation, by visitors, by members, or on DVD
.Members' show & tell with ideas exchange.Activity with other groups
.Practical workshop - with laptops or with cameras.Photoshoot outing
.Competition.Social evening, AGM

2017 September to December

date.eventswhat to bring if you can
27 Sept

Members night
Welcome to old & new members
  • Introduction
  • Photos of Summer
Bring up to 10 images from the summer on keydrive or CD if you can
4 Oct.
National Vodka day

Members to bring five appropriate photos
11 Oct.
18000 clicks so far: what have I got to show for it all?
18 Oct
Travels by boat
  • Presentation by Caroline Woolf
25 Oct. Workshop:
Personal Processing

  • hand in entries for 1st competition : Pets and Farm Animals (see rules)
bring processing examples
bring entries for 1st competition
1 Nov
Camera Trapping
  • presentation by Helen Phillips
8 Nov
Landscapes of Scotland
  • Presentation by Gavin Ritchie, Scottish Landscape Photographer (Glasgow)
Gavin Ritchie
15 Nov. 1st Competition show,
judged by Ian Tully ARPS, CPAGB (Glasgow)

including special subject Pets and Farm Animals

22 Nov.
Members night
Scavenger Hunt
  • hand in entries for 2nd competition ; colour prints, mono prints, digital images, & special subject competition Shadows. (see rules)
Photos of given topics. Photos taken in last two weeks
Bring entries for 2nd competition.
29 Nov. Workshop:
Long exposure/ night time shots
led by Richard Hunt Smith (Inveraray)

After a presentation Richard will lead us outside if weather permits, otherswise he has a backup plan.
Bring cameras, tripods and outdoor clothes.
6 Dec. Workshop
portrait photography
(led by Verina)

Bring cameras and tripods.
13 Dec.
2nd Competition show,
judged by Douglas Allan (Penicuik)

including special subject Shadows .

20 Dec. Christmas Party and quiz
  • Small buffet
Bring a SMALL plate of savoury or sweet food

2017 January to Summer

date.eventswhat to bring if you can
10 Jan.
Macro and mosses
, by Stan Phillips
17 Jan. Members night
Sudden Death competition

Judged by Members

  • hand in entries for Harmony competition ; a set of 3 Abandoned buildings (see rules)
bring photos to be judged on the night
bring entries for Harmony competition
24 Jan.
Presentations - the old and the new
by Walter and Charlie (MACC)

31 Jan.
Presentation - Event photography
by Kevin MacKaveney, West Loch Graphics

7 Feb. Harmony competition show,
judged by Duncan McEwan Hon SPF (Bridge of Weir)
Duncan McEwan
a set of 3 images Abandoned buildings

14 Feb.
Members night
Valentines day
  • hand in entries for final competition ; colour prints, mono prints, digital images, & special subject competition Back Alleys & Lanes (see rules)
Bring Valentine photos
bring entries for final competition
21 Feb. Workshop
Mobile phone night

by Christine and Caroline (MACC)

Bring mobile devices
28 Feb.
Presentation - Night Sky Photography
by Dick Edie (Achnamara)

7 Mar. Annual/final competition show,
judged by Margaret Elliot DPAGB EFIAPr (Dumfries)
Margaret Elliot
colour prints, mono prints, digital images & special subject Back Alleys & Lanes

14 Mar
Frank Walton Inter-club Trophy Competition
(Campbeltown, Carradale, Cowal, MACC, Oban,Three Villages )

This meeting will be hosted by MACC.

judged by Boyd Meiklejohn (Ayr).

21 Mar. Dinner & prize presentations
at ??
28 Mar. Annual General Meeting

You can also see what we did in 2006/2007 , 2007/2008 , 2008/2009 , 2009/2010 , 2010/2011 , 2011/2012 , 2012/2013 , 2013/2014 , 2014/2015 , and 2015/2016 .

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