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Mid Argyll Camera Club

Mid Argyll Camera Club

Competition winners & trophies

Competitions are scored and decided by:

2016-17 Competition winners & trophies

Click here for winners for all previous years from 2005

PrizeCompetition(s)Section2016-17 winnerWinning Print/image
Harmony TrophyAnnualSpecial subject digital imagesAlison LitsterRuby Red Lips
McArthur TrophyAnnual FinalColour printsVerina LitsterToo Cute
Dunadd TrophyAnnual FinalMonochrome printsVerina LitsterWaiting
McEwan's Lager CupAnnual FinalDigital imagesVerina Litster Ruth and best friend Belle
McDonald CupAnnual Finalbest of above threeVerina LitsterRuth and best friend Belle
Loch Fyne TrophyAnnual Final juniorsBest juniorno entry this year
Flower Shop CupAnnual Final BeginnersColour printsno entry this year
President's CupAnnual Final Beginnersmonochrome printsno entry this year
Dewar's Boot Store TrophyAnnual Final BeginnersDigital ImagesGraham Walker
Mary Gillies Trophy1st & 2ndColour printsWalter Ritchie
Mid Argyll Insurance Cup1st & 2ndMonochrome printsVerina Litster
Midton Crafts1st & 2ndDigital imagesCaryl Hamilton
Stag Hotel Trophy1st, 2nd & 3rdSpecial subject digital imagesWalter Ritchie
Ben Nevis Trophy1st & 2nd BeginnersColour printsno entry this year
Embroidery Factory Trophy - Ann Williams Shield1st & 2nd Beginnersmonochrome printsno entry this year
Ben Lomond Trophy1st & 2nd BeginnersDigital imagesSarah Bowden-Smith
McEwan's LagermacarthurdunaddMcEwan's LagerMacDonald Cuploch fyneDewar's Boot Store Trophypresidents cup
Harmony TrophyMcArthur TrophyDunadd TrophyMcEwan's Lager CupMacDonald CupLoch Fyne TrophyDewar's Boot Store TrophyPresident's Cup
Mary Gillies Trophymid argyll insMidton CraftsstagBen Nevis TrophyAnn William's ShieldBen Lomond TrophyFlower Shop Cup
Mary Gillies TrophyMid Argyll Insurance CupMidton CraftsStag Hotel TrophyBen Nevis TrophyEmbroidery Factory Trophy - Ann Williams ShieldBen Lomond TrophyFlower Shop Cup

Click here for winners for all previous years from 2005.

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