MACC club entry for
Photographic Alliance of Great Britain
Great British Cup

judged in February 2013

The competition was assessed as projected images by a 3 judge team. Their scores are out of 15.
73 Clubs entered the GB Cup (Small Clubs), a further 106 Clubs entered the GB Cup (Open), and 88 Clubs entered the Cup (Nature). None of the other Argyll & Bute clubs entered this year.

Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Great British Cup (Small Clubs) - open subjects

Each club submitted 15 digital images for the Open Cup. No entrant may have more than 4 images and there must be at least 6 entrants.
Oldham won with 125/225 marks (83%). MACC scored 96 (43%). We were 64th of the 73 clubs. The lowest score was 187.
The judges were Al Buntin, Graham Hodgkiss and Michael O’Sullivan.

Natalie by Verina Litster
Tender Moment
Tender Moment by Mary Gillies 10
Spare a Koruna

Spare a Koruna
by Helen Kessell 10
The Railway Arches
The Railway Arches by Walter Ritchie
Dune Jumping
Dune Jumping by Laura Dalgarno-Platt 10
Cragaig Cottage Ulva
Cragaig Cottage Ulva by Gordon Doughty
Three on the Beach
August on the Beach
by Gordon Doughty 10
Frozen Sea Loch
Frozen Sea Loch by Gordon Doughty 9
Parasol Maker

Parasol Maker
by Helen Kessell 8
"Red or Dead!"
by Christine MacIntrye 9

Great British Cup (Nature)

Each club submitted a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 21 digital images for the Great British Cup (Nature). No entrant may have more than 3 images.
88 Clubs entered the Cup (Nature). The Winning Club was decided on the aggregate of the 10 highest scoring images. Dorchester and Wigan 10 won with 125/150 marks (83%). We got 93 (62%), the same as last year and the year before. It placed us joint 81st. The lowest score was 84.
The judges were Karen Berry, David Osborn and Michael O’Sullivan.

Thes weere our best 10:

Southern Hawker with Exuvia
Southern Hawker with Exuvia by Mary Gillies 11
Providing Lunch
Providing Lunch
by Alison Litster 10
The Pollen Collector
by Verina Litster 9

Standing Tall by Dawn Gilfellon 9

Palm Reading by Dawn Gilfellon 9

Roses Wild Seafield Loch by Douglas Reid 9

Osteospermum by Ian Scott 9
Orange Tip
Orange Tip on Food Plant by Walter Ritchie 9

Lilac Breasted Roller by Carol Small 9

Drying Off by Helen Kessell 9

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