Mid Argyll Camera Club

2017 Frank Walton club entry

judged on Monday 6th March 2017 by Stan Miller (Carluke) in Oban.
Scores: Helensburgh 168, Mid Argyll 161, Carradale 159, Cowal 156, Oban 151, Campbeltown 144,Three Villages 136.

Some images may not be visible during club competition judging.

Ruth and best friend Belle
Ruth and best friend Belle by Verina Litster 20

Red Headed Finches
Red Headed Finches by Carol Small 20

Working Girl
Working Girl by Caryl Hamilton 18

Chamber Street Station
Chamber Street Station by Verina Litster 18

Majorelle Gardens
Majorelle Gardens by Walter Ritchie 15

The Final Straight
The Final Straight by Jim Curnyn

Stuart by Helen phillips 14

Old Dutch Master
Old Dutch Master by Caryl Hamilton

Bee Hawk Moth
Bee Hawk Moth by Walter Ritchie 14

Caught in a Moonbeam
Caught in a Moonbeam by Gordon Doughty

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