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Mid Argyll Camera Club

Mid Argyll Camera Club

MACC Dalriada Image Collection

Since 2008 we have been making a collection of our images of the Dalriada area. This has developed from our 'Argyll - History and Mystery' project, and some members' involvement in the Community History section of the Dalriada Project.

The Dalriada area includes the Crinan Canal corridor, Knapdale Forest and Kilmartin Glen, extending north to about Ford, east to a bit beyond Lochgilphead, west to the coast, and south to include part of Loch Caolisport.

Outline of the project

The project is a extension of our 'Argyll - History and Mystery' project, re- focused approximately on the part of Mid Argyll defined by the Dalriada Project. Members will continue to photograph buildings and other man-made structures and their settings, and will also photograph activities, events and landscapes/seascapes.

Resulting images are being gathered together digitally, and some selected for printing. Images may be grouped together in overlapping themes and presented in various ways.

Making the project visible to the public

There should be several hundred images archived, and many of them displayed. We may present our images and interpretive caption texts as


Each image produced in this project, and each image on this web site is copyright - see statement.

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