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Mid Argyll Camera Club

Mid Argyll Camera Club

Programme of events 2015/16

Meetings are on Wednesdays, and usually last from 7.00 to 9.30pm, with a refreshment break. Most are in the Community Centre, but some may be elsewhere.

We don't all actively participate every evening. But if you want to learn new skills hands-on, or hear comments on your photos (which should be helpful and constructive), the list below suggests what to bring if you can.

. . .kinds of events
.Presentation, by visitors, by members, or on DVD
.Members' show & tell with ideas exchange.Activity with other groups
.Practical workshop - with laptops or with cameras.Photoshoot outing
.Competition.Social evening, AGM

2015 September to December

date.eventswhat to bring if you can
30 Sept
  • Opening Evening: welcome to old & new members
  • Set up Special Interest Groups, eg. Mono, Street, Nature, Macro, Portrait,Landscape
  • Bring Summer pictures (10 max) to show.
  • Art Exhibition report by Walter Ritchie
Bring up to 10 images on keydrive or CD if you can
7 Oct...
Presentation: Photojournalism
by Mark Davey, Argyllshire Advertiser
Mark Davey

14 Oct...

Still Life/Macro workshop, including still life and lighting

Bring camera (and tripod)
21 Oct.
Equipment night
including beginners' workshop.
  • Bring cameras and other equipment
  • Bring Instruction Manuals if available
  • show tips for making your own cheaper versions of equipment
Bring entries for 1st competition.
  • hand in entries for first competition; colour prints, mono prints, digital images, & special subject competition Still Life (see rules)
Bring equipment

and entries for 1st competition.
28 Oct.
Review: Macro/Still Life
  • What was good/bad/learned?
Bring some of your images
4 Nov.1st Competition show, judged by Bobby Holden (Ardrishaig)
Bobby is one of the founder members of our club, and presenter of the Harmony Trophy

11 Nov.Workshop: Photographing Architecture

We may go outside weather permitting
Bring warm clothing, cameras & tripods.
18 Nov.
First Special Interest Group presentation.

  • hand in entries for 2nd competition; colour prints, mono prints, digital images, & special subject competition Churches and Places of Worship. (see rules)
Bring entries for 2nd competition.
25 Nov.
Presentation: This is Iceland by Neil Barlow (Dunoon)
Neil Barlow

2 Dec.
Project: Favourite pictures
Pictures you like and why (and not always impressed the judge!)
Shooting information if possible. Any subject, print or digital

Bring prints and/or digital images.
9 Dec.2nd Competition show, judged by John Lowrie Morrison JoLoMo (Tayvallich).
John Lowrie Morrison
including special subject Churches and Places of Worship.

16 Dec.Christmas Fun Night
  • Fun competitions
  • Small buffet
Bring a SMALL plate of savoury or sweet food

2016 January to Summer

date.eventswhat to bring if you can
6 Jan.
Workshop: Editing by members.

13 Jan.
Members' presentations
  • hand in entries for Harmony competition; a set of 3 Flowers (see rules)
Bring competition entries.
20 Jan.
Review Editing
  • What was good/bad/learned?
Bring some of your images
27 Jan.
Presentation: Nature by Philip Price (Kilchrenan)

Bring up to about 6 images
3 Feb.Harmony competition show, judged by Frank Walton (Oban)
a set of 3 Flowers.

10 Feb.
Second Special Interest Group presentation. : ....

17 Feb.
Project: Within 100m
  • Digital images taken within 100m of home. Look harder at things you take for granted. Approx 6 images.

Bring up to about 6 images
24 Feb.
Presentation: Composition in Landscape by Duncan McEwan (Bridge of Weir)
Duncan McEwan
  • hand in entries for final competition; colour prints, mono prints, digital images & special subject competition Seascapes
competition entries
2 Mar.
Instructional DVD: Printing

Including mounting and framing.

9 Mar.Same scene - different setting show
3 to 5 shots of one or two scene (could be anything) taken at different times of day/different camera settings/lenses, viewpoints etc.

Bring 3 - 5 images
14 Mar
Frank Walton Inter-club Trophy Competition
(Campbeltown, Carradale, Cowal, Helensburgh, MACC, Oban)

This meeting will be held in the Seafield Hotel Campbeltown.

judged by Philip Price (Kilchrenan).

16 Mar.Annual/final competition show, judged by Findlay Rankin (Kilmarnock)
colour prints, mono prints, digital images & special subject competition Seascapes

23 Mar.Annual General Meeting

Return trophies for engraving
30 Mar.Prize giving and buffet dinner

?.Outing to ? Kick off 9am from Stag car park. No need to say whether you are coming or not, just turn up.

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